Monday, December 13, 2010

Watch me have no idea what I'm doing. Or, Day 1.

So I need to find a book. 

Something along the lines of “Starting a blog for Dummies”. I’m sure someone has written it, there is a For Dummies book for everything now days. I once bought a book called “Training Dachshunds for Dummies”. Seriously. I knew at the time that they just cut and pasted the word ‘dachshund’ on the cover from the Poodle book and charged $25 for it…but I bought it anyway. Because I am a sucker. My dachshund now prances around on her hind legs, has a stupid haircut and speaks with a French accent, but that’s normal right?


Back to the blog.

So I decided I want to start a blog because I think I am THAT interesting. Kidding. I am not. I am not that interesting I mean, not the kidding part.

Ugh, this blogging thing is hard.

Back to work. I should probably introduce myself...

So this is me, in a nutshell:

Help! I’m in a nutshell!

Ta-da! That was my Austin Powers impersonation. So as you can see I’m really funny. Actually, my sister-in-law Sarah (I just made you famous Sarah! You’re welcome!) told me once that I am funnier on the Internet than I am in person. Therefore, you are in luck.

Okay, more about me…

I am a stay at home mama to a 9 month old baby girl, Boogie, and the other half to which I am better, is my dream boat Rutherford. (Names changed to protect the innocent.)

I am also personal slave to 2 miniature wiener dogs, hence the For Dummies book. We will, furthermore, refer to them as the fat one and the little one. They have actual names but even at home on a daily basis, we call them this. 

We live in the suburbs of Phoenix. Yeah, half the time we don’t know why either but it is lovely in the fall, winter and spring if you can survive the summer with all it’s scorpions, rattlesnakes and 120 degree heat. So. Not. Kidding.

I could go on and on....but I will spare you all the boring parts about how I am terrible at running and yet am planning on doing a marathon (WTH!), I HATE BIRDS and miniature golf courses make me want to jump off a bridge. What is up with those anyway? The best part about golf is swinging the club as hard as you can. You can't do that at a miniature golf course unless you want to take out someone grandma and a tiny version of the Sphinx. Dumb. 

In the end I cannot guarantee that I will blog every day, or every week for that matter. I do have a life, kinda. And I cannot guarantee that it will be even the slightest bit interesting to anyone but myself. But I can promise that it will be real, it is my life after all. I see having a blog as part personal diary, part therapy and part stand up comedy. Some days will be more of one and less of the others and every now and then I will throw in some helpful tidbits of advice or interesting information I come across.

I'm sure I will evolve and get more interesting with every post and maybe someday have millions of faithful followers. Until then, constructive criticism is welcome, however, I am a delicate flower so be kind. :) .

Here I go, guess there's no turning back now....


  1. Congrats on your blog! If I could do it and I am a dummy, you can do it!

  2. I could make up some really rude stuff to say to you and call it constructive criticism, b/c usually when people say they have "constructive criticism," they really just mean they're going to be total jerks and make you feel like crap. :)

    But I'm too tired to make anything up. Plus, your blog is awesome and yay! Good for you! I'm excited to follow you! Welcome the the addictive, time-sucking world of blogging.

  3. Congratulations mommy! I can't wait to see more and you are doing great. Woo hoo for you.

  4. Congrats girl. Loved your impersonation. : ) Can't wait to read more of you. xo

  5. LOVE it! Great job on the inaugural blog, I can't wait to read more. Maybe this will inspire me to work on mine more often :)

    I, too, hate birds (well the ones that walk around on the ground and try to beak you) and think the only enjoyable part about any golf game is seeing how hard/far I can hit the ball.

    Which marathon are you training for?

  6. Thanks Ladies! So excited but I can see how this can get your into trouble already. The hubs sat next me me last night on the couch and said, "Are you going to do this ALL NIGHT?"

    Kelli: I am doing the Phoenix Rock & Roll Half Marathon...but ask me again as I get closer to Jan 16th.

  7. YAY! :) Welcome to the blogosphere

  8. This is awesome Nicole!! I love your humor and your heart, look forward to hearing more of both. Love and blessings :)

  9. Go Nicole, it's your birthday...
    Welcome to the party ;)

  10. atta woman...way to knock out your first blog post. welcome to the insane world of dumping all your personal shit into one happy electronic interweb machine thingy location place.

    look forward to reading more!

  11. You are going to be fabulous!

    I can't wait to see what happens next!


  12. Awesome! And you really are funny on the internet, I have not met you in person but I suspect you are funny in person too. Congrats on the blog and I look forward to reading it in the future.

  13. Welcome to the world of blogging! It's addictive and bizarre, but you'll love it!

  14. Congratulations on your blog! thanks for sending me over from twitter! I wish you much success with it... I tried my hand at it... there is a blog somewhere with my name attached to it just floating around the internet somewhere :)

    happy blogging!

  15. Rutherford, huh? LOL

  16. @Anastasia
    Inside joke...i'll tell you later. He's shy and probably afraid of what I will say. Smart thinking.

  17. And here I am a year later! Laughing to myself at the 'Help! I'm in a Nutshell!' and trying really hard to save that to memory for use another day!

    Well it's lovely to find you and read you and I shall be back !

    I'm guessing Boogie had grown since you first wrote this!

  18. Haha this is very funny for a first post! It's so funny reading them all, thanks to Mammasaurus, great idea! x

  19. Lovely first post ... now you're a whole year old too! how fab. does the other half still moan about how long you spend 'tapping those keys!'

  20. hahahahaha very funny post mine was sooo boring