Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet the Mutts

So this is where the whole blogging thing gets REAL. And by real I mean real hard. I feel like one of those one hit wonder bands getting ready to release their sophomore album and realizing they are actually talentless hacks who got lucky with the first song because you can’t get ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ out of your head no matter how hard you try. And I’ve tried.

Great. Now I’m going to get bombarded with hate mail from you people who are reading this and will now be singing that song in your head all day.

Oopsie. My bad.

Great. Now I have it stuck in my head now too.

I am my own worst enemy.

But speaking of dogs…. (See how I tied that in? I am so clever.)

We have 2. The fat one and the little one. They have actual names. Beanie (the little one) and Cece (the fat one). 

The fat one.

The little one.

Them being fat and little in the toy box.

They are pretty hysterical, I have to admit. Beanie, the little one, is named after Chris "Beanie" Wells. The 1st round draft pick in 2009 out of THE Ohio State University, now running back for our beloved, but terrible, Arizona Cardinals and who didn't do much this year but take up precious real estate on my fantasy football roster. Sad.  

My dream boat, Rutherford, came home with this little wiener when our Boogie was 6 months old. What better time to get a puppy, right? The baby is finally sleeping through the night and since I really miss being up all night, lets get a PUPPY who needs to pee, and/or, crap approximately every 3 hours!


But now the little monster is just about 6 months old and sleeping perfectly through the night. Ahh, sleep. How I missed thee.

This is also the little one we lovingly refer to as the idiot savant. The dog is a genius. Not. Kidding. He has figured out how to run a single circuit around the house while simultaneously turning on every baby toy that either sings or lights up. It's amazing. It's like a freakin' circus act! And yet, we can't figure out how to crap outside all the time. Sigh.

He also thinks all of the baby toys are just very expensive dog toys. I beg to differ. 

This little bugger has actually PUSHED my daughter OUT of the baby gym so he can hang from the toys. WTH? Boogie has actually taken to stalking the dog now. Today she crawled over to him while he was, of course, trying to ingest one of her toys and she cut out the middleman and  just put her mouth on the same toy. Cut to the chase. 

I now give to you photographic evidence of his crimes.
Shoving the baby out of the gym.

Wee! Toys!

Get away from my toy, baby!

Probably unsanitary.

The fat one's only real trick is her ability to keep the couch from flying off the planet at any given time. She's really good at this trick. Seriously, I don't remember the last time the couch even hovered. Good dog!

Dream boat, Rutherford, swears this kid is being raised by wolves. I'll worry when she starts barking. Although she did take a bath in the dog bowl yesterday. 

Good grief.




  1. Great job! Wow, Rutherford,huh..okay!

  2. Cutest badly behaved dog ever.

    Except for mine, of course.

    Love the photo of Rutherford playing with the dangling toys! And chewing on the other end of the ring-toy?

    That's awesome.

  3. Wow...they are all three total cutie pies! I cannot count the times in a single day when I ask myself why do I own a dog? I guess it is because having a 13, 3 and 22 month old along with working full-time in a complete and constant deadline driven position is just not enough for me.... So please let me add the dog that jumps on the wall and tries to eat my paint, launches himself over the couch in a single bound, jumps up on you because you went upstairs then came back down 2 minutes later but it must have been gone for a year... and so on... I have a love/hate relationship with my dog. Your dogs are cute and I can see why it would be easy to bring one home!

  4. I can totally relate! my son loves playing in the dog bowl [drives me crazy] oh yea and he barks when the neighbors walk by our yard too-I guess he was raised by wolves lol yikes!

  5. @Nicole
    its true! lol he sees the dogs barking at the people walking by our yard and he starts in also-its hilarious cuz he does a "wakka wakka" sound like Fuzzy bear from the muppets lol

  6. I meant to comment on this when you first posted it, but I think I was crying a little. The best dog we ever had was a black and tan doxie. It's been three years now and I'm still not over losing her. Neither is my husband. He tears up -- seriously.

    But anyway! Love your doggies and those pics are making me think ever harder about another one...