Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: A year of pictures.

For old acquaintance be forgot, la da da ta da da da... or whatever.

This year has been a huge one in our house and I've done as much documenting of the big days as I could. This post is more for me as I look back at the year 2 became 3 and we turned into a family. Here are the highlights...

Jan:I am fat and my dream boat Rutherford (DBR) started his own dream biz.
Those lips and cheeks!

Feb: I turn 33 so I am old AND fat.
The fat one enjoying the last bit of quiet time with Mom.

March: I am REALLY fat but on March 10th at 5:24 pm I get less fat by giving birth to the worlds    most beautiful child. Weighing in at 8.11 lbs and 22.5 inches (Wha??).
First family photo.
First nap with Daddy.

Mid-March: Bigger boobs. Not just big but GARGANTUAN big. When the milk came in I freaked out. Called my sister-in-law, Celena, who happens to be a post-pardum nurse for help. She shows up, I open shirt, she laughs. "Those are the biggest boobs I have EVER seen! And I'm a nurse!" Awesome. Thank you.

The next few months are a blur. Barf, poop, tears (hers and mine), Desitin eating (4 times, really), butt wiping, bath giving, bottle making...blur.
First Bath. Not happy.
First Easter.

First Easter Bunny. Slept thru it.
First DiamondBack's game. Slept thru that too.

First Father's Day.

First 4th of July. Not happy.

First trip to Olive Garden.

First sold food. Not amused.
First haircut.

First bubble bath.
 August: We get a menace of a puppy (yay! boo!). We also have our Boogie's first plane ride (to Idaho for Uncle Joey's wedding) and first long car ride (to Flagstaff for Cousin Pat's wedding).

First crawl.

First Halloween.
First OhioState beats Mich(again) game! Go Bucks!
First time standing.
First flu.

First Santa.
 December: First Christmas and first blog post....and now were up to date.

Just in case you were wondering, DBR's business is doing amazing, even in this economy. He has worked so hard and the Boogie and I are so proud of him and all he has done. Go big Daddy!

2010 has been a blessed and beautiful year and I can't wait to see what 2011 holds for us. Thank you everyone for all the support and love you have shown for this piddly little blog. I appreciate it all. 

I wish you and yours all the best in the New Year! See ya next year!

My new year's resolution is to run the Rock & Roll Marathon in Jan, organize the office and clean out all 4 of my junk drawers. There, I said it, now someone hold me to it.


  1. What a year! Love the ladybug! Here's to new year's resolutions (good intentions) and a great 2011! Cheers!

  2. I am definitely holding you to the Marathon!!! Go Team!!! love ya, H

  3. You have a beautiful family!