Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to the Mommalougues!


I've been hinting around at it for awhile but it's finally time to tell you all what has been going on around here.

I have been picked to be apart of a new site by called the Mommalogues! Not only and I part of the panel of moms but these obviously insane awesomely smart people have decided to make little 'ol me THE HOST!

What they've done is gotten together a group of totally awesome mom bloggers together to dish about everyday life. Everyday, I will be asking the moms a question, as well as chiming in with my own answer, having to do with our home life, beauty, kids, marriage, you name it. Then we do a vlog with our opinions, ideas, tips and tricks! I've learned so much from the other moms already!

Meet the moms!

Summer from Le Musings of Moi.

Margo from Nacho Mamas Blog.

Kat from Mama Kats Losin It.

Stacey (aka Justice Fergie) from

Danielle from Extraordinary Mommy.

And of course....Me!

Please, check out the Mommalouges, and the other moms. The site is still rough and the kinks are being worked out. We launch officially within the next few weeks to be on the look out for that. In the mean time, watch the videos, let us know how were doing and keep checking back every day!

Thank you so much for all your support and awesome words of encouragement. I am scared, nervous and totally excited. Wish us luck!


  1. I think it's great! You look fantastic and there's something highly entertaining about hearing you talk about your To Catch a Predator teacher vs. just reading it. Keep up the awesome work. xo

  2. So exciting! Good luck ;-)