Thursday, September 15, 2011

That's it, you're going in time out...

The "baby" is now over a year and half. Can I still call her a baby? And since I'm asking, can I still call it baby fat? What about maternity pants? Why do Pajama Jeans still look so appealing? Where's my credit card...

Anyway, now that we are screaming (literally) toward our terrible two's it's time to set some tough limits.

Audrey didn't appreciate it.

The other day was a changing point in the parent-child-dog relationship when my beautiful sweet child crawled her little fat self onto the couch to pet her dog, instead grabbing the sleeping wiener dog by the EARS and throwing her to the floor.

Oh no she did not just do that...

For the first time in her life, I picker her up by her arms and sat this kid down in time out.

Cue hysterics.

Hers, not mine.

She cried and cried and cried and I stood there telling her NO and that she hurt the dog and that was a Bad Bad Bad thing.

Worst part is that my kid is hilarious. Like really hilarious.

In the midst of my lecture (that I'm sure was more for show for the dog than for her), she looks up at me, red teary eyes, drool from the mouth and says, "Hi Mama"...waving and all.

The fact that I wasn't able to keep a straight face probably just ruined any shot I had at discipline in the future.

Oh yeah and then there's her father...

She doesn't like to be in trouble and at the slightest hint of discord, will throw her arms around your neck giving you the warmest sweetest little hug and smile in the world. How do you say 'manipulative little bugger' in kid speak?

The last time she did this in front of us both, I just looked at Rutherford with that 'see how she is?' look I have come accustomed to showing him.

All he says is "I'm buying everything she's selling".

I am so screwed.

Yeah so cute, 2 seconds later she flipped the dog water bowl all over the kitchen floor.

What do you guys do when you're supposed to be serious and you just...can't. Is it like my brother used to tell me he would think of them he, ahem, needed to calm down..."Margret Thatcher naked in the snow...Margret Thatcher naked in the snow...dead puppies..dead puppies.."

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