Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Bunnies, crying kids, and crashing cars...

So first off, I need to share with you Boogie's Easter Bunny photos that she took with her cousin Joya who mommy is Rutherford's sister Sarah. (The link is to her cute and hilarious blog, go check it out.)

We went to do the pictures on Friday of Easter weekend because there's nothing like waiting till the last minute so that you have the full Easter Bunny experience. Complete with crying kids, long lines and a disappearing Bunny. Yup, as we were waiting in line he disappeared on us. It wasn't to the bathroom because that's not the direction he went in. My guess is either a shot or a smoke, neither of which I blame him for. 

This is one for the history book. Poor Joya just wasn't having that Bunny. It's still cute and honestly, those are the best ones to look at when they are all grown up.

Case in point: This is my kindergarten class photo. Stupid photographer wouldn't let me fix my hair.


Now, had this been a supper happy and toothy grin of me at 5 years old, you would not be seeing it. It's the stuff like this that therapy is made for.

Just for comparison sake, this is last years Easter Bunny photo. 

That adorable little peanut is Boogie. She was only about 3 weeks old at the time and slept through the whole thing. That's Joya on the left and the handsome dudes are my nephews.

Then came Saturday and it went a little something like this....

Okay, so maybe that's a big of an exaggeration but it feels just as bad...to my ego.

There we were, having a lovely time visiting with friends when me and my fatty fat fat self decides (in cave man voice)  MUST HAVE ICE CREAM! YUM!

Off I go with the my girlfriend, grabbing the keys to Rutherford's baby because the weather is beautiful and there's nothing like a convertible BMW on a warm summer night. We jump in, start her up, quick look behind me..Safety first! And....


What the?

I pull up and look at her. She opens her door and says, "Oh that was just a water bottle."

Phew! Just ran over a water bottle I had left on the floor of the garage earlier.

Okay, back in reverse, off we go again and....


What the?

"OH MY GOD! That's your CAR!!!!"

Mind you, this is not just a car, it's a brand NEW LEXUS.

::face palm::

We get out, inspect the damage and figure out how the hell we're going to tell the boys what just happened.

When we finally do get it together enough to go in the house we find the boys both holding GUNS. Ugh. This just keeps getting better. Did I tell you our friends is a SWAT Cop? And that he and Rutherford are both holding weapons as the words, "I just hit your car" come out of my mouth?

At first they thought we were kidding, and oh sweet baby Jesus, I wish I was.

After close inspection by the boys they both look at me and say, "Oh well, that's what insurance is for." And they are right and the insurance company said it's fine, as well. Easy peasy.

Didn't stop me from crying the next morning, still completely mortified, or still feeling like a Class-A schmuck to this day.

In my defense: It was dark outside, the car is black and I'm not used to there being something in the driveway.

Still, ugh.

I want to take a second to openly thank Chris and Monique for not shooting me when I hit their car. Thank you for your understanding and I promise not to mess up anything else of yours ever again. I can't make that promise for my kid tho, she did break a coaster the last time we were there. But if she does get out of hand, there's always the dog crate.

Hope you all had a Hoppy and Happy Easter. :)


  1. MARY MADAR aka @MamasitaMicaApril 26, 2011 at 1:38 PM

    the Easter pics so cute! sorry about the car accident, sounds like something I would totally do since I hate driving --I force my boyfriend to drive me everywhere since he broke my car anyway lol -mary

  2. OMG, so funny. I hope you are over the pain and laughing WITH me, because I would hate to be laughing AT you. :-)

  3. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!!! I am truly sorry about what happened, but so glad you can turn it into something this delightful. Your sense of humor is a gift from God. Love and hugs to you all!

  4. Chris and Monique are VERY good friends, and I'll be they won't be parking in your driveway anytime soon!

    Love, love, love the Easter photos!

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