Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quick, grab the camera!

Ever since the day Boogie started to crawl she has earned the nickname "4x4", for a very good reason.

This kid thinks nothing of any road block in her way. Why go around the chair when you can go through the chair? Mountain of toys in your path? Pish! That's easy! Innocent sleeping wiener dogs ahead? Bring it on....

She has spent many an afternoon using the dining room as her own personal jungle gym.

But THIS takes the cake.

On St.Patty's Day I was doing all the preparations on what would become the worlds best corned beef and cabbage (just ask Rutherford), and I noticed the house was just a little too quiet.

You other moms know what I mean. Just too quiet for any little person to be up to any good.

So, I did what any other awesome mom would do: I grabbed my camera and went looking for the kid.

This is what I found....

How do you not laugh when you see that?

Those are the best little fat rolls in the world. But that's just my opinion.


  1. Those are yummy little hamhocks!!!

  2. Those are amazing fat rolls! And I love that she was just quietly stuck, waiting for you to find her <3

  3. LOVE the fat rolls!!!! She is soooo cute!